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The teenage years are some of the most difficult for both you and your teen…Tiger Rock Martial Arts knows how hard it can be and we have some helpful solutions for you! Studies have shown that Martial Arts programs are incredibly successful for helping teens (and you!) during these tough years. Provide your teen the opportunity to have an exhilarating, exciting, and engaging program that pushes them to become the best version of themselves! 


We have been through it all with other parents… Struggling to connect with your teen. Getting them to take a break from video games or social media. Breaking through the typical teen silent treatment. Self-esteem and confidence concerns. Helping them stay engaged and motivated in activities. Weight gain, discipline, and lack of sleep issues.  


So what turns the story around? The Tiger Rock Martial Arts Teen Program!

The Tiger Rock Teen Program is specifically designed to address common issues with teens. All classes are age-specific, utilizing the latest in technology and research to blend psychology with physical activity. Our talented staff is here to build up your teen and engage them in an active and fun experience!

Physical Fitness & Coordination

Self-defense classes are by nature active. Teens benefit from improved coordination, strength, agility, balance, flexibility, cardio, speed, muscle twitch, and bursting power. This physical development makes a life-long difference: teens who are physically capable and confident grow into adults who are physically capable and confident. Even better, the high level of activity means that weight loss and a good night’s sleep usually follow consistent class attendance.

Social Interaction

Our group format enables teens to engage with peers on a platform of common interests. Your teen may be having a hard time connecting with others or forming friendships. He or she may feel isolated and alone. At Tiger Rock, our team is a family! Our programs foster camaraderie, common ground, teamwork, and cooperation. Teens desperately need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance which is exactly what we strive for at Tiger Rock.

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Social Skills & Confidence Development

Martial Arts are known to help develop social skills which can be exceptionally difficult during the teen years. Our talented staff encourages communication skills, eye contact, assertiveness, and mutual respect. These building blocks of Martial Arts instill a sense of honor and support of self and others. Teens learn how to speak up for themselves appropriately and effectively without being aggressive. Best of all: listening skills are greatly improved! It takes focus and intensity to follow directions and be attentive in class.Achievement by moving up belts and in competitions help teens realize that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. This builds self-confidence and the ability to trust one’s sense of self. Learning new maneuvers is another fabulous confidence boost your teen will gain from Tiger Rock’s classes.

Discipline & Impulse Control

Our Martial Arts Teen Program also helps teens develop discipline and determination. After all,  you can’t have success without being pushed past the point of preconceived limitations. Improving in the sport means being disciplined in and out of class. Impulse control is another discipline developed through the great sport of Martial Arts. By appropriately expressing emotions and focusing on conflict resolution techniques, your teen grows exponentially!


Say goodbye to the days of a withdrawn, distracted, phone-driven teen. Through Tiger Rock’s Martial Arts Teen Program, your teen will shine bright! Enjoy the journey with them as they learn to share with the world the healthy, vivacious, confident teen they are on the inside. Trust and believe, they’ll have a blast every step of the way!