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Has your child been begging to join a gymnastics gym for tumbling practice? Tiger Rock is the perfect place for you! One of the top gymnastics schools and tumbling gyms in Mississippi is right around the corner from you! We pride ourselves on providing open gym gymnastics opportunities for all ages. Hosting affordable gymnastics and cheer tumbling in a giant 12,000 square foot facility, your child will enjoy every tumbling second!


Calling all coaches! Need a place to train with your team? We’ve got it available for you! Or, if your gymnasts simply need some individual practice time, they’re welcome to come utilize our space for training.


Tiger Rock is a state-of-the-art martial arts school in Jackson, MS. In our expansive space, we offer martial arts classes, an indoor rock climbing wall, parkour course, and of course, open gymnastics and tumbling! Open gym for cheer practice is another service we’re proud to offer. The choice is yours: enjoy all the amenities in our top-rated martial arts school, or simply select the single arena that fits your child’s needs. Best of all, the Tiger Rock experience goes far beyond practicing gymnastics and expending energy! 

Build a strong foundation in every major life area!

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Open Gymnastics Gyms Near Me

In our 35 years of experience, we have learned that the best martial artists and athletes are well-rounded individuals, physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. Based on that concept, the Tiger Rock team developed a gym that offers several methods of building these valuable foundations. That’s the purpose of gymnastics in our martial arts school. Besides which, tumbling and gymnastics are fun! Any child, at any age or experience level, can reap the benefits of gymnastics. The importance of gymnastics is far-reaching...

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Physical Benefits of Gymnastics

Children develop physically with gymnastics in a variety of areas. Coordination, balance, strength and muscular development, flexibility, activity and fitness, body awareness, control, motor skills, and heart-health are just a few of the positive outcomes your child will experience in gymnastics and tumbling. 

Social Skills & Gymnastics

Working together with coaches and team members fosters invaluable social growth. Gymnastics provides the common ground to help kids make new friends, while also practicing listening skills, effective communication, teamwork, taking turns, following directions, and respecting others.

Social Skills
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Emotional Development Through Gymnastics

Through tumbling and gymnastics, children develop emotionally. Consistent attendance and practice instill a sense of pride and accomplishment, which leads to higher self-esteem. As kids improve and master challenging moves, they become more confident, which carries over into other areas of life. Children also develop resilience through failure, improvement, and effort resulting in success.

Improved Mental Skills With Gymnastics

Skills that are naturally embedded in gymnastics practice, such as concentration, focus, practice, memorization, routine, discipline, and other important mental practices, are easily applied to school and other cognitive endeavors.



If you’ve been searching for “kids gymnastics near me” look no further. Tiger Rock’s huge spring floor tumbling mats, gymnastics activities, and tumbling floor enables your child to experience the full gymnastics effect. Offering practice time to all levels of gymnasts, including beginner tumbling in our open tumbling gym nearby, Tiger Rock strives to provide all the benefits of gymnastics for kids that we can! “Cheer tumbling practice near me” may have been another of your searches, and we provide that too! So what does gymnastics teach kids? Besides providing the building blocks for physical, emotional, social, and mental development, it’s just plain FUN!! Check out the Tiger Rock tumbling gym today!