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Madison, MS Martial Arts




Are you searching for an exciting energy outlet for your child, teen, or yourself? Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy is proud to present our 12,000 square foot facility, designed specifically for a high-energy, exhilarating experience for any age!


Our state-of-the-art martial arts gym near Madison, MS has an indoor rock climbing wall, tumbling spring floor, parkour course, and over 20 Martial Arts classes to choose from. You can participate in one of our classes, tumble away on the gymnastics floor, rock climb to your heart’s content, or run our fabulous parkour course. The best part is you can enjoy just one or ALL of the activities in the Tiger Rock facility.


We guarantee you’ll enjoy every second of your Tiger Rock experience and it all begins now!



TR Training

Enjoy rock climbing, parkour, gymnastics and tumbling, and martial arts, all at the same fantastic facility!

Tumbling Floor

Gymnastics & Tumbling

Tiger Rock has one of the top gymnastics and tumbling gyms in Mississippi. Hosting affordable gymnastics and cheer tumbling in our giant 12,000 square foot facility, your child is sure to love it! Are you a coach who needs a place to train with your cheer team? We’ve got it available for you! Or, if your gymnasts simply need some individual practice time, they’re welcome to utilize our space for training and tumbling. Come check it out today!

Martial Arts Classes Near Me

Searching for self-defense classes in Madison, MS? Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy provides Mississippi best self-defense courses, taught by experts in the field, with your well-being at the center of our program. We have classes for all age groups, from youngsters to seniors! With over 20 classes to choose from per week, we know you’ll be able to fit us into your busy schedule.


Experienced and knowledgeable, with over 35 years in the field, our staff and instructors are here to welcome you to our family! We work with every age and ability level, teaming with you to achieve your goals. We know that you’ll need techniques for all competition scenarios, so we utilize an all-encompassing approach to martial arts. Tiger Rock focuses on grappling, joint manipulation, striking, and wrist locks, but we teach you techniques from a variety of martial arts.


TR Competitors

Indoor Parkour Course

The Tiger Rock Parkour gym is second to none in the state of Mississippi. As the only Parkour course in Jackson, MS, we are committed to bringing you the best that the sport has to offer! Serving the areas of Ridgeland, Madison, Gluckstadt, Canton, Jackson, Flowood, Brandon, and Clinton, or wherever you visit from, we are proud to provide a state-of-the-art parkour park in Mississippi near you! 


Parkour is a type of free-running in which you run on a path, as fast as possible, using full focus to overcome the obstacles and avoid falling or slipping along the path. This is a unique experience designed to increase your speed, agility, and muscle twitch to make you a better all-around athlete. Head to Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy and try our parkour gym for yourself! 


As a parkour course for kids or adults, Tiger Rock Martial Arts provides a local parkour gym for beginners as well as seasoned free-runners. Our freerunning gym in Mississippi is designed to perfect your game or begin the process of learning this amazing art.


Rock Climbing Area & Gym

Are you searching for a change-up in your workout? Or a fun, challenging family activity? The Tiger Rock indoor rock climbing wall is the place for you! What are rock climbing walls? Our unique rock wall extends twelve feet high and focuses on sideways movements and bouldering climbing techniques. Built with specialized, assorted hand-holds and footpegs designed to replicate the feeling of a natural rock face, you’ll get a fantastic workout without all the elements distracting you. 


Indoor rock climbing provides strength and cardiovascular fitness, along with a ton of fun for all ages and levels. The Tiger Rock wall provides authentic rock-climbing experiences for beginners, as well as more experienced climbers looking to improve their skills. It’s yours to enjoy today! 






Are you ready for some normalcy with a good old-fashioned summer camp for kids in Mississippi? Expand your child’s world with an epic martial arts summer camp at Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy! Enjoy all our fun summer things for kids near Madison, MS


If your child needs martial arts for beginners, that’s no problem! Our summer camp program is designed as an age and developmentally appropriate experience, serving youngsters to the teen years! Your child will benefit from physical activity combined with discipline, respect, responsibility, and confidence-building. And of course, a whole lot of fun and social interaction! Tiger Rock’s martial arts summer program does all that and more! 


Are you searching for a new and exciting birthday party idea? Excitement, adventure, activity…it’s all included in a Tiger Rock birthday party! Our parties are always a blast for kids and parents alike! Don’t worry about timing or gathering everyone together for the birthday song, cake-cutting, and presents…we do the work for you. Relax and cherish these special birthday memories with your child.


Tiger Rock offers…


  • Nerf War birthday parties. The birthday kid and friends enjoy all 12,000 square feet of our facility for giant, all-out nerf wars.

  • Ninja Warrior birthday parties. Amazingly themed and focused on a combination of Martial Arts and parkour activities.

  • Tumbling birthday parties. Birthday guests enjoy the spring floor to bounce, tumble, and play away! 

  • As a unique offering, the birthday hero gets to cut the cake with our specialized samurai sword

  • The birthday warrior also impresses guests by breaking a board!