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Learn a new discipline and get fit, with COVID precautions in place.

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As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to succeed and strive for their personal best. At times, it seems that life gets in the way….Tiger Rock Martial Arts is here to help!


Has your child displayed behavior such as:

  • Completing a task only after being asked a million times 
  • The inability to focus on a specific task 
  • Acting out at home, in school, or in public
  • Lack of attention and listening to directions
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty cooperating with others


If this sounds familiar, then Martial Arts classes are the answer! As studies have shown, Martial Arts classes are a tried and true solution for many childhood difficulties.

Foster your child's development!


The benefits of a Martial Arts program are endless and translate to home and school! Merging child development, psychology, and physical activity, the guiding component of our program is empowerment. Your child will become the best version of themselves while having a fantastic time! Your child builds so many positive character traits at Tiger Rock and increases physical ability too!

Discipline & Responsibility

Kids practice discipline by focusing during classes and attending classes regularly. They’ll love how it feels to master a maneuver because they’ve applied discipline to practice! Responsibility is fostered within children by helping them learn what it feels and looks like to make their own decisions without authority, along with the accountability of their choices.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Practicing self-care and respect for others, while speaking up for oneself are important concepts in self-defense. Confidence is fostered in students by empowering them to learn how to defend themselves (both verbally and physically) and trust their own intuition. Confidence is also built in competitions, by moving up in belts, and completing difficult moves. Your child learns to love his/her unique self!

Conflict Resolution & Bullying Prevention

Martial Arts always teaches that verbal conflict resolution is the first and best method for solving a problem. Students are taught effective communication skills alongside self-defense techniques to decrease bullying incidents. Kids also learn other bullying deflection techniques such as confident body language, awareness of surroundings, and walking away when appropriate.

Teamwork & Cooperation

Tiger Rock is built upon the foundation of teamwork. Partner activities build camaraderie and provide common ground for all students. Cooperating with instructors and other participants is a necessary component of a successful Martial Arts class. Your child will love being a part of our family!


Fitness and Coordination! Students work on physical stamina, balance, agility, and bodily control. Hand-eye coordination is developed and the energy output is phenomenal. Our Kids Program teaches a variety of different Martial Arts concepts and maneuvers.

Social Skills! Tiger Rock classes work on communication, eye contact, politeness, and conversation. Your child learns to communicate effectively and assertively. They’ll feel the success of being able to make new friends easily! 

Listening and Focus! Intense focus is required for the practice and performance of the intricate maneuvers taught in Tiger Rock classes. Improved listening is a natural consequence, as mastery and advancement through belt ranks require superior listening skills. Our talented staff can provide one-on-one work with students who need extra practice in listening to verbal instructions. This follows your child at home and to school as well!