The best self-defense schools in Mississippi teach children, teens, and adults conflict resolution, only defending oneself physically if necessary. Rather than simply reacting to an attack, self-defense tactics actually involve discouraging an attack in the first place. Tiger Rock trainers teach that you can do this by being aware of your surroundings, carrying yourself with confidence, listening to your instincts, being assertive (not aggressive), and knowing how to get yourself out of a situation if necessary.

No, you just need to sign up at Tiger Rock and show up! We provide everything you’ll need, from equipment to training jerseys and uniforms.

Tiger Rock staff has over 35 years of experience in a variety of Martial Arts. We are lifetime career Martial Artists and we have competed consistently over the years. Our knowledge and experience is unparalleled and we’d love to utilize that expertise to build you up! 

All our classes are age and ability specific. We like to engage with students one-on-one and to that end, we keep the groups small. We offer over 20 classes, guaranteed to fit into your busy schedule!

The health benefits of martial arts for children include physical growth in strength, balance, and overall coordination. Mental benefits of karate include self-esteem, discipline, and assertive conflict resolution. These are just a few benefits, so for more information on the advantages of Tiger Rock classes, see our age-specific pages.

Simply call to sign up for an age-appropriate class! You can also click on our website link to sign up for classes today.

Yes we are, which means that we have access to the latest and greatest in the Martial Arts world. From tools, to equipment, to techniques, we have the most updated of it all.

While our base art is a striking art (which helps control the distance of a fight), we need students to be well rounded, so we teach all-encompassing Martial Arts. This means that we teach techniques from all the martial arts to ensure students know how to defend themselves in any scenario. Our general focus is on grappling, joint manipulation, striking, and wrist locks.

Yes! Pretty much as it sounds, rock climbing walls are man-made walls built with specialized, assorted hand-holds and footpegs designed to replicate the feeling of a natural rock face. Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy proudly brings you a local rock climbing gym in our state-of-the-art facility! Our indoor wall challenges condition you in rock climbing, preparing you for greater indoor climbing challenges or to transition to outdoor, natural climbs. Our unique gym extends twelve feet high and focuses on sideways movements and developing bouldering climbing techniques.

Parkour is a type of free-running in which you run on a path, as fast as possible, using full focus to overcome the obstacles along the path. All the while, you have to prevent yourself from falling or slipping. In short, it is an extreme sport that requires constant mental attention and complete physical control over the body. Sound intriguing? Head to Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy where our parkour gym is ready for you!

Tiger Rock’s martial arts summer program is designed to provide entertainment and exercise for the summer months! If you live in the cities of Ridgeland, Madison, Gluckstadt, Canton, Jackson, Flowood, Brandon, or Clinton, we provide the best summer kids activities with our martial arts classes, parkour course, tumbling floor, and rock climbing. Expand your child’s world with an epic martial arts summer camp at Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy!

Tiger Rock would love to host your child’s next birthday party! Our parties are an hour and a half in length and we offer…


  • Nerf War birthday parties where the birthday kid and friends enjoy all 12,000 square feet of our facility for giant, all-out nerf wars.
  • Ninja Warrior birthday parties which are themed and focused on combining Martial Arts and parkour activities.
  • Tumbling birthday parties where everyone enjoys the spring floor to bounce, tumble, and play away! 
  • As a unique offering, the birthday hero gets to cut the cake with our specialized samurai sword! 
  • The birthday warrior also impresses guests by breaking a board!