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If you’re searching for a Martial Arts studio near Jackson, MS, Tiger Rock Martial Arts is your best bet! Experienced and knowledgeable, with over 35 years in the field, our staff and instructors are here to welcome you to our family! We work with every age and ability level, teaming with you to achieve your goals!


Experience has shown that the students who are well-rounded in a variety of different martial arts practices have better success against opponents in competitions. We know that you’ll need techniques for all scenarios and with that in mind, we utilize an all-encompassing approach to martial arts. Tiger Rock focuses on grappling, joint manipulation, striking, and wrist locks, but we teach you techniques from all martial arts. What are the benefits of each unique martial art practice? Let us share with you…

The secret to developing your Martial Arts practice is in diversification!

Karate for Kids Near Me

Karate is incredibly successful in promoting the physical and mental growth of children. Utilizing physical coordination and mental focus, this martial art is one of the most popular in the United States. Karate for kids is especially effective because it is easy to learn and practice. Karate is primarily a striking art involving punches, kicks, open-hand techniques, knee strikes, and elbow strikes. Some of the modern styles also incorporate grappling, throws, restraints, and so on. The health benefits of karate for children include physical growth in strength, balance, and overall coordination. Mental benefits of karate include self-esteem, discipline, and assertive conflict resolution. Tiger Rock Martial Arts is the perfect place to begin your child’s martial arts journey!

Kung Fu Beginner Training

Looking for a martial art which focuses on balance and strength training? Kung Fu is the answer for you! The far-reaching benefits of kung fu for kids include a positive energy outlet (especially effective for those high-energy or ADHD individuals) while improving muscle and cardiovascular fitness. In addition to the overall healthy well-being, a mental practice is developed in this martial art. Kung Fu lessons for kids include meditation, patience training, breath control, and many other mental control methods. These are incorporated into its training with the purpose of creating a stronger overall individual.

Kickboxing Classes for Kids

Kicking boxing is beneficial for all ages and is wonderful for fitness, self-defense, or sport. If you find yourself searching “kickboxing classes near me” then you’re ready to experience this fantastic martial art! Kickboxing combines punches, knees, headbutts, and kicks to disarm an opponent or attacker. The key elements in kickboxing are speed and agility; you must strike before the attacker can react and respond. Why choose kickboxing? For kids and adults alike, it develops anaerobic and aerobic fitness, as well as coordination, balance, and muscle strength.

Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu


You may have heard of two different jiu-jitsu types and you are absolutely right! There are both Japanese jiu-jitsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu began with Japanese jiu-jitsu as the umbrella under which all other samurai arts were founded. This means that Japanese jiu-jitsu focused on a very wide variety of moves and practices, designed to teach samurais all they needed to know, physically and mentally. Brazilian jiu-jitsu grew from focusing on one single aspect of jiu-jitsu: ground fighting or grappling. It has grown to become more sports-oriented and the benefits of Brazilian jiu-jitsu for kids are many. This martial art is especially helpful for children who are smaller in stature, as it teaches how to use small size to your advantage and a larger opponent’s size against him/her. As opposed to other martial arts, jiu-jitsu training focuses solely on grappling and applying mental stamina and deduction to neutralize your opponent.

Local Judo Classes

Is judo good for kids? The benefits of judo for kids are similar to many of the other martial arts. Self-confidence, self-defense, exercise, health, and structure are some ways martial arts in general help your child. Judo is unique in its ability to develop focus and efficiency, both of which can be applied to many areas of life. For adults and kids alike, judo practices the art of takedowns with well-planned moves designed to expel the minimum effort for the maximum effectiveness. This requires a tremendous amount of focus and self-control, along with the intellectual application of proper techniques. In Judo dojos, students are taught that the goal of this sport is to throw or takedown your opponent to the ground and neutralize them.


Muay Thai Gyms Near Me

Muay thai training for kids uses stand-up striking and clinching approaches from Thailand to take down an opponent. This martial art differs slightly from others in that it uses eight points of body contact versus the traditional four points (the hands and feet). The benefits of muay thai classes for kids are similar to other martial arts but Muay Thai brings its unique advantages. First muay thai trains the mind and then the body. This results in your child learning discipline, self-control while promoting creative and unique thinking. Muay thai teaches the foundation and then encourages the individual to apply it for themselves in their own unique way. Muay thai classes also encourage team work and social skills, and many local muay thai classes encourage parent participation. 


Tai Chi Lessons Near Me

Tai chi is a practice for the whole family! Utilizing martial arts techniques as inspiration, tai chi incorporates slow, methodical, full-body movements to serve as one of the best physical activities out there. Benefits of tai chi include the development of overall concentration, physical and mental balance, flexibility, and focus. With a mind-body connection focus, tai chi helps reduce stress and develops muscle and joint strength. Tai chi is especially beneficial for those with motor developmental delays, ADHD, and sensory processing issues. Many activities are practiced seated, are low impact, and can be adapted. Slow, focused breathing, and mediation components aid in relaxation and concentration. If you’re looking for local tai chi classes, you’re already on the road to success. Tai chi classes for beginners are easy to start and the advantages are evident right away! 


Boxing Lessons for Kids Near Me

While this may come across as a scary and aggressive sport, it actually has many benefits for kids (and adults too!). Besides the physical and health benefits of boxing, this sport can build confidence, self-control, and is a naturally healthy outlet for pent-up energy, stress, and frustration. The beauty of boxing classes for kids is the development of a highly structured and disciplined practice which children can apply to life as a whole. Benefits of boxing for kids include excess weight loss, flexibility, bone and muscle building, and a balanced heart rate. Boxing may be the perfect solution to get your family active and ready for life’s busyness!