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The latest free-running trend is being enjoyed by hundreds in Mississippi! Where? Tiger Rock Martial Arts offers a unique experience designed to increase your speed, agility, and muscle twitch to make you a better all-around athlete and Martial Artist. Parkour gyms are all the rage and this up-and-coming sport has numerous advantages for overall physical health, balance, coordination, and mental stamina. You may be asking what is parkour


Parkour is a type of free-running in which you run on a path, as fast as possible, using full focus to overcome the obstacles along the path. All the while, you have to prevent yourself from falling or slipping. In short, it is an extreme sport that requires constant mental attention and complete physical control over the body. Sound intriguing? Head to Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy where our parkour gym is ready for you! 

Increase your speed and agility!

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Benefits of Parkour

The Tiger Rock Parkour gym is second to none in the state of Mississippi. As the only Parkour course in Jackson, MS, we are committed to bringing you the best that the sport has to offer! If you live in the Jackson area, we are your one-stop-shop for all your Mississippi parkour facility needs. Serving the areas of Ridgeland, Madison, Gluckstadt, Canton, Jackson, Flowood, Brandon, and Clinton, we are proud to provide a state-of-the-art parkour park in Mississippi near you! As a parkour course for kids or adults, Tiger Rock Martial Arts provides a local parkour gym for beginners as well as seasoned free-runners. Our freerunning gym in Mississippi is designed to perfect your game or begin the process of learning this amazing art.


Full Body Workout

Running a parkour course is no easy feat and you will utilize muscles you didn’t even know you had when practicing this sport! Coordination, strength, quickness, and balance are developed as you overcome obstacles along the way. The cardiovascular benefits of parkour are a natural outcome from this active, high-paced sport.

Self-Confidence & Parkour

Learning to trust yourself is perhaps one of the greatest life-lessons a child can experience and parkour develops this valuable asset. Decision-making (quickly) and committing to that choice fully are developed on the parkour path.


Creativity and Adaptability 

Each parkour course is different and you have to learn how to adapt to the new environment and apply successful strategies you’ve learned from previous courses. 

Perseverance in Parkour

One of the greatest lessons learned on all Mississippi parkour courses is perseverance. This sport requires dedication, courage, physical and mental strength, and the attitude that you will never give up. The best part of parkour is that you’re going to have so much fun, you’ll never want to stop!

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Parkour places for kids are beneficial for development, physical health, and mental well-being. There are also far-reaching health advantages for adults who parkour. How does it connect to Martial Arts? All the mentioned benefits also improve martial arts abilities.