Discover the TIGER ROCK Advantage

Our Programs and Martial Arts Academy

Join our family today! Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy in Ridgeland, MS is a leader in martial arts, life skills, and self-defense training!

The Tiger Rock Team

Serving the amazing state of Mississippi for over 35 years, the Tiger Rock team is composed of both career and hobbyist Martial Artists. We have worked hard to provide exceptional experiences for our students and have built our stellar reputation on consistent and dependable instruction. We started with just a small 2600 foot gym and now have the largest arena in Mississippi! You can count on us to uplift and support each and every individual in our Tiger Rock family!

What is the Tiger Rock Experience?

Our experience and success in competitions encourages students to reach their maximum potential. Tiger Rock instructors utilize our knowledge to work with students on the physical and mental components that create a well-rounded person. Together, our Tiger Rock family practices positive life skills, self-defense techniques, and a variety of Martial Arts. 


The elements that make Tiger Rock unique are truly unparalleled!


Physical Evolution

Our 12,000 square foot gym provides a unique approach to athleticism. We know the best Martial Artists are those who become well-rounded athletes through discipline and practice in a variety of physical activities. Tiger Rock provides everything a student will need to become the best version of themselves, inside and out.


Martial Arts Programs

With over 20 classes to choose from, taught by expert instructors, students are always on the go. Our franchise connection means we have all the latest techniques, equipment, and tools to push our students to succeed. All classes are age specific and developmentally appropriate.


Self-Defense Classes

Students learn important physical self-defense techniques, as well as other approaches such as conflict resolution, communication, and teamwork. 



Tiger Rock students compete three times a year, pushing them to assess strengths, feel success, and build confidence. We also utilize competitions to guide future instruction and provide feedback on where improvements can be made. Goal setting is a huge element in our program.


Parkour Course

The Tiger Rock parkour course provides another method of developing speed, agility, balance, and muscle twitch besides being tons of fun!


Rock Climbing Wall

Our bouldering rock climbing wall is used for strength training, focus, and endurance, and much more! Most importantly, it’s a fun approach to physical activity!


Tumbling Floor

Speed, agility, coordination, and balance are all developed through a fun and interactive tumbling experience.


Mental Development & Life Skills Practice

Tiger Rock students thrive on the guiding principles of our team, all of which foster healthy emotional, physical, and mental growth at any age. Tiger Rock instructors focus on developing well-rounded individuals who positively impact society. 


Our students love Tiger Rock. Why?


Self-Esteem Building & Discipline

Students build confidence and discipline by following through with commitments, successful goal setting, movement through the belts, and mastering maneuvers. 


A Family Atmosphere

Everyone participates, cooperates, communicates, and we encourage teamwork. 


Communication & Social Skills

Our participants have the opportunity to connect with others and build relationships based on the Martial Arts common ground. They learn how to effectively communicate when working with partners or instructors. Listening skills, conflict resolution, and positive social interactions are all part of the Tiger Rock experience.



At any age, Martial Arts is enjoyable! Our classes are exhilarating and challenging! Come and check it out for yourself!