Join the millions who are discovering the benefits of practicing Taekwondo! At Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy, you can experience every advantage that Taekwondo brings, for all ages, from preschoolers to retirees. This is your solution for stress relief, physical activity, mental resilience, stamina, balance, self-respect, confidence, and discipline, to name a few. Come and enjoy the importance of Taekwondo for your life today! 


The benefits of Taekwondo for kids, teens, and adults encompass both physical and mental values. With the guiding principles of taekwondo including integrity, courtesy, perseverance, self-control, and an indomitable spirit, what more could a parent want for their child or themselves? You and yours can experience the benefits of this practice with just a click at tigerrock.ms today!


Foster growth and become your best self!

What is Taekwondo?

The history of Taekwondo is an interesting one, entrenched in culture and respect. Taekwondo is Korean in origin and is similar to karate because of its emphasis on kicking techniques. Translated from Korean, taekwondo means "the way of the fist foot." Taekwondo is designed to make you better focused, teach discipline and respect, make you stronger, more flexible, and heart-healthy as well!

While the basic premise of this is a fighting sport, those practicing Taekwondo are taught to utilize self-control and communication to resolve any confrontations rather than aggression. Students of the sport develop techniques for conflict-resolution through confidence building and increased self-esteem. As you can see, the
mental benefits of taekwondo are far-reaching and you will do no better than to challenge yourself or your children with this practice.

The physical benefits of taekwondo are second only to the mental benefits of the practice. With so many positive outcomes from the practice, it is clear why so many kids, teens, and adults are giving this martial art a try. Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy is second to none in teaching the guiding principles of this amazing sport. So why try Taekwondo? Here are a few benefits for you to ponder…

Taekwondo is a social activity

After these “stay at home” isolating times, enjoy a safe, clean environment with the rest of your Taekwondo class. Tiger Rock honors all Covid-19 safety precautions and you can rest easy knowing that you and your children are getting social interaction in a safe, organized space.

Taekwondo develops discipline

Learning Taekwondo and perfecting the strikes in the sport teaches self-control and discipline. To learn the practice, you must set a goal and practice it in order to succeed. Taekwondo teaches the principles that very little comes easily and every goal you set requires discipline to accomplish

Confidence building through Taekwondo

As you and/or your children practice and perfect the martial art of taekwondo, you naturally build confidence in your physical ability and mental stamina. Thus, when bullies bother your children, or you face hardship in today’s uncertain world,  you have the resources to respond to issues constructively.

Form phyiscal strength & balance in Taekwondo

The health benefits of taekwondo derive from the physical stamina and balance that result from the practice. Balancing weight on one leg and leaving the other one free to strike teaches balance and coordination, as well as strengthening the muscles of the torso and legs. Arm and leg muscles become stronger as strikes are reviewed.


If you’re finally convinced and you know that this is the practice you’d like to try for yourself and/or your child, look no further than Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy. With classes for all ages, we provide all you need to propel yourself or your child to the next physical or mental level. Challenge yourself or your kids with Taekwondo training – you won’t regret it!