Summer Camps





Are you ready for some normalcy with a good old-fashioned summer camp for kids in Mississippi? What better activity for your child(ren) than a local martial arts summer camp? Your child can benefit from physical exertion combined with discipline, respect, responsibility, and confidence-building. And of course, a whole lot of fun and social interaction! Tiger Rock’s martial arts summer program is designed to do all that and more! If you live in the cities of Ridgeland, Madison, Gluckstadt, Canton, Jackson, Flowood, Brandon, or Clinton, we provide the best summer kids activities for you! Are you looking for martial arts for beginners? No problem! Our trained staff is here to teach you everything you’ll need to know. Or, if you’re a seasoned martial arts expert, Tiger Rock is here to challenge you and push you to the next level of expertise.

Adventure and activities await!

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Social Skills & Communication

A large component of a good local martial arts school is the ability to develop communication skills amongst the participants. In today’s technological world, the art of communicating with others is waning. We teach our campers how to meet new friends, develop effective social skills, and how to build connections with others. 

Character Building

Resilience, perseverance, discipline, respect, are just a few of the characteristics developed in martial arts camps for kids.


Leadership Development

Martial arts are incredibly effective for building self-confidence. Making independent decisions, learning to trust your own instinct and body, understanding how to stand up for yourself are all ways that martial arts summer camps help kids build their confidence.

Conflict Resolution Techniques

Being assertive without being aggressive is an art that must be taught. Tiger Rock’s martial arts training camps train kids in this skill. The principles of martial arts promote conflict resolution before any action is taken, so this concept is naturally built into the sport. Children are taught to channel their frustrations through exercises and techniques, as well as how to solve problems without turning to violence. Martial arts techniques and self-discipline teach that the answer to someone’s angry and hurtful words is not violence.


Adventure and fun are natural outcomes! Throughout this entire experience, children are enjoying themselves and engendering a spirit of adventure. With a break of the monotony of everyday life, kids can meet other kids from all walks of life and expand their worlds. Exposure to different environments and diversity is a huge benefit for your kids. Summer camp martial arts at Tiger Rock does exactly that! Expand your child’s world with an epic martial arts summer camp at Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy! Looking for fun summer things for kids near Jackson, MS? Look no further than our stellar summer karate camp for kids. Or, if your child has already tried that, learn a different martial art! If you’re looking for things to do in the summer in Mississippi, Tiger Rock is your go-to activity! Call or click today to enroll!