Self Defense



Protect Yourself!

Searching for self-defense classes nearby for yourself or your child? Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy provides Mississippi best self-defense courses, taught by experts in the field, with your well-being at the center of our program. We have classes for all age groups, from youngsters to seniors! We teach self-defense techniques for teens, basic self-defense for kids, self-defense classes for women, and any other self-defense needs you may have!

If you’ve been searching for “personal defense training near me” you’ve probably seen a number of options pop up. Tiger Rock sets ourselves apart from the crowd by providing you with the best self-defense classes available in the great state of Mississippi. Tiger Rock serves the greater Jackson area, including the cities of Ridgeland, Madison, Gluckstadt, Canton, Jackson, Flowood, Brandon, and Clinton. If you are looking for local self-defense courses, you have found your answer! While Tiger Rock teaches self-defense for all ages, kids can especially benefit from self-defense classes. The benefits of self-defense go far beyond protection.

Apply the principals of self-defense and benefit: the best self-defense goes far beyond protection!

What are Self-Defense Classes?

Self Defense is great exercise!

With regular self-defense classes, children build muscle and body control, speed, agility, and coordination. Hand-eye coordination is a large focus area for Mississippi self-defense programs for kids.

Self-defense develops awareness. 


Self-defense courses for kids teach children how to pay attention to their surroundings. Being alert and able to decipher potential dangers around yourself is a key component to self-protection.

Self-defense builds confidence and responsibility.

Discipline in self-defense classes are a huge component. Kids are able to practice discipline by focusing during classes and attending classes regularly. Responsibility is fostered within children by helping them learn what it feels and looks like to make their own decisions without authority, along with the accountability of their choices.

Self-defense creates communication skills.

Self-defense classes and communication go hand-in-hand. Students develop listening and social skills as well! Our instructors teach resolution of problems without force as a priority. Kids learn how to communicate effectively and assertively, while also truly hearing and listening to the other person’s needs/wants. Practicing self-care and respect for others, while also speaking up for oneself are important in self-defense.


The importance of self-defense for all ages cannot be stressed enough. Mississippians can reap the health benefits from the physical fitness aspect of self-defense schools in Jackson, MS. Furthermore, all participants can utilize the principles and ideals of self-defense to communicate effectively, be a productive member of society, and stand up for themselves when necessary. 


Are you convinced? Are self-defense classes just what you’re looking for? You and/or your children can benefit greatly by pursuing self-defense courses at Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy near Jackson, MS. Your healthiest self is just a click or call away!